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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jesus Christ: Not a first and last name.

“Jesus Christ” has come to seem like a first and last name in modern Christianity. That is not, however the case. Jesus is His name, and has its origins in the Hebrew “Yeshua” or “Yahweh saves.” “Christ” however is
a title. It means “Anointed One.” Being anointed, in itself, was not something that could be considered unique to Jesus. In Hebrew tradition many (priests, prophets, the dead, kings, and kings to be) were anointed with oil when they could be said to have been “commissioned by God.” Jesus could be seen as a culmination of all of these. Prior to His crucifixion Jesus was widely seen as both a prophet and priest (Rabbi). What sets Jesus apart from any of these other people who history had shown to be “anointed” is His death and resurrection. The Cross of the Crucifixion was inscribed with “King of the Jews,” an acknowledgment by Pilate to what Jesus' disciples had been calling Him all along. His Resurrection fulfilled the Messianic prophesy of the Jews that a descendent of King David (and therefore King) would rise from death as King to restore city and the Temple.

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  1. Fantastic your posting.Individuals not aware of present circumstances could be pardoned for imagining that the focal character in Christianity had a first name, Jesus, and a surname, Christ. The more educated will realize that the second word is not a surname, yet a title – Christ, Greek for Messiah, the operators of God in the Hebrew scriptures, who will one day enter history to reclaim his kin and bring equity on earth. Also anybody keen on religion will realize that the contrast in the middle of Jews and Christians is that the previous are as of now sitting tight for Messiah, while the recent accept he has as of now come in the individual of Jesus: subsequently, Jesus Christ. Christianity did not stop at its allocation of the Hebrew idea of Messiah; it went ahead to trump different religions by guaranteeing that Jesus was God himself, went into history. Thanks all!