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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Analogy of Being

At times it seems like the very idea of God is far beyond description. There's a reason for this; He is! The words we use... words like "Father" are misleading in their inability to truly illuminate what He Is. These
difficulties have resulted in what the Church calls The Analogy of Being. The Analogy of Being makes meaningful knowledge of God possible.

The Analogy of Being posits that any observations we as humans may make about God, using ourselves as a reference, are basically true, but far from the actuality of His being. What knowledge we can glean from our own situations pales in comparison to His actuality. We have being, but God is being. The words that a man might use to explain an attribute of God, even at it's most noble, is so inferior to the actuality of God that we must accept it as an analogy. What makes the language we use to give attributes to God so powerful and meaningful is that they are the words we use to describe ourselves at our very best. Humanity at it's best is as close as we can get to the true meaning of God.

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